Interiör och Textildesign

"Löw creates beautiful textures for everyday life, crafted in practical designs that bridge the gap between everyday functionality and affordable luxury.

Löw was born in Stockholm, so it’s no coincidence that her designs capture the capital’s vibrancy and pulse, reflect the local art scene and draw inspiration from the waterways and forested parklands surrounding the city.

Although Löw’s inspirations are multi-faceted and diverse, they coalesce seamlessly in designs that reflect the spirit of our times. Löw’s fabrics attest to her remarkable ability to capture the moment more cannily than most, and translate it into products that sum up the current zeitgeist. As her designs continue to entertain, intrigue and inspire, they reveal Löw’s ability to transform everyday surfaces into dynamic forms for contemporary life."

- Bradley Quinn, design critic at Wallpaper

Maria Löw Art Textile Collections

Exklusiva kollektioner från Studio Maria Löw, Inredningsdetaljer och accessoarer för hemmet.

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Kollektioner offentligmiljö

Samarbeten och uppdrag, design av textilier och kollektioner.

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Inredning och styling

Inredningsuppdrag till privatbostäder och offentligmiljö. Styling för redaktionellt innehåll samt marknadsföring.

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