Parquet Rug

Parquet Rug from Maria Löw Rug Range is hand-tufted in Sweden.

It’s made of 100% wool from New Zeeland and available in different color settings, shapes, and sizes.

This carpet design is featured in the new book Textile Visionaries by Laurence King Publishing. Author Bradley Quinn writes,

“Parquet is a conceptual design. It’s a soft surface that resembles a hard one, as if placing a rigid floor on top of a pre-existing interior floor or integrating the new one within the old. Its created of a pattern of lines that changes direction and a colour-way that includes only three tones. The effect created is that of a flat surface, even though it is actually a richly textured, tufted one.”

In order to create uniform fiber lengths that would make the carpet’s surface appear even flatter, Löw commissioned a robot to tuft the carpet, loop by loop.