Unique altar rug “Seed Sowing” for Andreas Church in Stockholm. May 2022.

Studio Maria Löw has created a unique altar rug for the beautiful Andreas Church on Södermalm in Stockholm.
The new rug, Seed Sowing, in wool and flax, is designed by Maria Löw and produced in a sustainable manner by Hitex hand tuft. 

--“The theme was self-evident,” says Maria. “The pattern of seeds symbolizes growth--evolving and growing as a person. The leaves come from the chestnut trees that grow in front of the church on Högbergsgatan. I wanted to bring some of that nature into the church hall,” she continues. The rug’s many colors have a mottled effect. If you look at the carpet up close, the many colors of the yarn become visible, but from distance, they seem to blend.

Custom-made carpet for Andreas church

Altar with custom-made carpet from Maria Löw
Church with custom-made rug from Maria Löw