Studio Maria Löw, Maria Löw Art Textile Collection / Stockholm Design Week, 6-12 February 2023

During Stockholm Design Week, you can explore Maria Löw’s world of textile design through her Art Textile Collections. In the showroom at Studio Maria Löw, we have set up a long table filled with inspiring colors, patterns, and textures. Among other things, we present the Trompe l'oeil concept Ruta No. 1, a hand-drawn pattern with layer-on-layer lines that create the illusion of a woven structure and a sneak peek on the new rug Ruta no.2   The Trompe L'oeil collection is sustainable in a timeless way and meets the requirements of public environments. 

The showroom Studio Maria Löw at Torsgatan 65 is open on during Stockholm Design Week, 6- 12:e February 12.00-19.00, (Saturday and Sunday 12.00-17.00).

Photo: Patric Johansson

Inside of Studio Maria Löw
Table from above at Studio Maria Löw
Textiles on the table at Studio Maria Löw