Stockholm Design Week, September 5-9, 2023

Under the collection name Trompe l'oeil, which means trick of the eye, we at Studio Maria Löw have created textiles, curtains, furniture fabrics and cushions. Now, for Stockholm Design Week, in collaboration with Dahl Agenturer, we have expanded the collection with hand-tufted carpets in a lovely wool and linen blend. Introducing Ruta no. 2! It started as hand-drawn lines that were later assembled into a pattern to create the illusion of a woven structure, hence thename of the concept. The pattern is hand-drawn, layer-upon-layer, to create a living surface. Ruta no. 2 carpets are available in two heights, high and low. They are tufted and hand cut at Hitex in Blekinge.


Closeup of carpet Ruta no. 2

Carpet Ruta no. 2 shown from above

Carpet Ruta no. 2 shown in a room