Insegui l’Arte festival 20-26 aug 2022

Textile installation Inchiostro
at Insegui l’Arte festival, Italy, 20-26 August 2022

As so often, nature is present in Maria Löw's design. This time, she has taken her inspiration from the foliage of the trees: "I wanted to investigate how far I could go in a resolution of the form when I used the technique of painting with ink wet in wet without the pattern losing its rigor but at the same time imagining the subject, a borderland between figurative and abstract, An abstraction that I reinforced by pleating the fabrics. The theme conveys a contemplative and vibrant feeling that I want to take with me into my textiles"

Installation on art festival in Italy
Maria Löw at Insegui l’Arte festival 20-26 aug 2022